McAfee Cup 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Riche on a roll

Chief on the tee, Riche with the back hand
Big Chief v The Bus of a Man

Romantic goes down, but still styles it up!!!
Team Southern Suburb's cleans again!!

Back to back wins for the Bus of a Man see's him rise to the top of the table.

With epic battles against both Ro-diculous Romantic and the Big clean Chief, the Bus has notched up 6 points. Both games went to the wire and both Ro and Chief picked up vital bonus points.

The Chief has picked up a bonus point in every game so far and that see him jointly on the top of the table.

Fixture tonight is Chief v Twinkles toes.

Bus of a man 6
Chief 6
Romantic 5
Beef 4
Bulletjie 3
Twinkle toes 0


The contenders!!

The inaugural McAfee Cup will be contested by invitation only and the
following international quality players have been invited to attend:

1. Bernard “The Everywhere Man” Jordaan (Adelaide, Australia)

This is what the press have had to say about The Everywhere Man:
“Probably one of the fittest contenders in the Cup, The Everywhere Man’s a real workhorse, don’t be put off by the super dominator or the trademark scoop. Beef will run all day and chase anything down. A quietly confident contender for the cup”

Latest odds: 8-1

2. Andre “Bulletjie” Cillie (Bulls territory, RSA)

This is what the press have had to say about Bulletjie:
“One of a handful of players hailing from Pretoria, the Bulletjie is very much a confidence player. Having not played much of late, predictions are that he’ll start off slow but will be a real contender in the business end of the competition.”

Latest odds: 9-1

3. Graham “DJ Gav” Deneys (Fish Hoek, RSA)

This is what the press have had to say about DJ Gav:
“A seasoned Fish Hoek squash club campaigner, DJ Gav will come out strong from the start of the competition. Don’t be put off by the green and orange attire, this guy can play.”

Latest odds: 7-1

4. Claude “Pappy” Hofmann (Winterthur, Switzerland)

This is what the press have had to say about Pappy:
“Another seasoned campaigner, Pappy is a real force to be reckoned with on the court, a healthy combination of power, finesse and years of experience make Pappy the hot favourite for the title.”

Latest odds: 4-1

5. Dave “Riche” Riches (Harare, Zimbabwe)

This is what the press have had to say about Riche:
“This bus of a man has been working hard on his game of late, with his fitness on the up he could be a push some of the favourites for a spot in the top four. Riche is a real physical presence on the court and could be the dark horse of the competition.”

Latest odds: 13-1

6. Dave “Twinkle Toes” Tosi (Milan, Italy)

This is what the press have had to say about “Twinkle Toes”:
“Another Bulls faithful coming down to the Cape, Twinkle Toes’ squash abilities are well renowned. Unfortunately our Pretorian correspondent didn’t get the stats in on time so little is known about the finer points of his game. But a good bet for the knock out stages

Latest odds: 7-1

7. Bern “The Mac” Sellmeyer (Rotterdam, Holland)

This is what the press have had to say about “The Mac”:
“Bern has a certain stealth about him on the court, he seems to find to his way to everything. He’ll never stop running and always has the ability to size up his opposition quickly. A real scrapper of a player who will cause some problems for the other contenders.”

Latest odds: 9-1

8. Andre “Kaasenova” van Kets (Den Haage, Holland)

This is what the press have had to say about “Kassenova”:
One of two dark horses in this the inaugural McAffee Cup competition, not a lot is known about his skills in the four walled court, but probably one of the fitter competitors, will no doubt run for everything. The punters are putting cash down on the Kaas.

Latest odds: 12-1

9. Pete “Franky Four Fingers” Griffiths (Cape Town, RSA)

This is what the press have had to say about “Franky Four Fingers”:
A total unknown on the four walled court. Will be interesting to see how he goes. The bookies have also given long odds due to the unknown factor that is “FFF”.

Latest odds: 15-1

10. Elro “Ro-Mantic” Braak (Bulls territory, RSA)

This is what the press have had to say about “Ro-Mantic”:
Another real physical presence on the court, Ro-Mantic has some silky skills but is not a big fan of the corners. The big factor will be fitness at the end of those tight games.

Latest odds: 10-1

11. Gary “Big Chief” Fahy (Gallway, Ireland)

This is what the press have had to say about “Big Chief”:
A third dark horse and late entry to competition, Big Chief represented his province as a youngster, and so even though he’s not seen the inside of the four walled court for some time, he’s expected to find his feet and make a late charge. Long odds due to time off the court.

Latest odds: 15-1

It is proposed that the opening game of the McAfee Cup be the fixture
scheduled for 18h00 Friday 18 August 2006 between Dave “Riche” Riches and Bernard “The everywhere man” Jordaan at the WPCC courts. It would be great if we could get everyone down there to have a beer, watch the game and kick the competition off.

All other fixtures are to be arranged between the players (the fixtures do not need to follow any order).

Results to be emailed to myself and I will keep track of the competition scores.

· Each player must play every other player within the 10 week period.
· At the end of the period there will be two semi finals followed by a final, all to attend for the gripping battle and Cup presentation
· 3 points will be awarded for a win
· 1 bonus point for winning 3-0
· 1 bonus point for losing 3-2
· Normal squash rules shall apply


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Romantic dominates Twinkle Toes

Thats right people, against the odds, The Romantic enforced a 3-0 drubbing over the out of form Twinkle Toes.

Romantic won 9-3 9-6 9-5 earning him his first bonus point of the competition.

The bus of a man takes on the top of the table Big Chief on Thursday night at the tampon towers.

Money on the BUS!!

It's a bit disappointing that there have only been six out of the 11 competitors out on the court so far!


Big Chief 5
Romantic 4
Beef 4
Bulletjie 3
Bus 0
Twinkle toes 0

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chief sweeps Ro-mantic

The Big Chief is topping the table with 5 points after a bonus point win against Ro-mantic on Wednesday night. Chief won 10-8 9-2 9-7.

That puts him on top of the standings:
Chief 5
Beef 4
Bulletjie 3
The bus of a man 0
Ro-mantic 0

Monday, August 21, 2006

The 'Everywhere Man' vs 'The Bus of a Man'
The Bus 'SORE!!!!!!' from a beating!!!
The Beating!!!!!

The McAfee Cup opener took place at the WPCC on Friday night. The match was a hard fought affair, producing some incredible rallies.

The score line however was not as close, as Bernard "The everywhere man" Jordaan ran out a clear victor, 9-5 9-6 9-2.

The 3-0 victory earns "The everywhere man" the first bonus point of the Cup, and puts him on top with 4 points.

The second match of the cup took place on Saturday morning and saw Bulletjie take on the Big Chief. The match proved a huge contest with the Bulletjie running out the victor, 3-2.

Bulletjie racking up 3 points for the win, but importantly the Chief earned himself a vital bonus point.

The Everywhere man 4
Bulletjie 3
Chief 1
The Bus of a man 0